Floodlight TARMAC

Elevated LED Floodlight for Heliports, Winching Areas and Building Structures

The 2EL-TARMAC-EL LED-Floodlight is dedicated to illuminate the surface of the takeoff and landing zone of heliports, helidecks as well as Public Interest Sites. Further the 2EL-TARMAC-EL suits for the illumination of winching areas and for highlighting elevated structures effecting the operations on a heliport. It complies fully with the requirements of ICAO Annex 14. Vol. 2, BMVI AVV I36/06 and FOCA Guideline AD I-012D


  • High efficiency due to a dedicated optics concept for the use on heliports
  • Easy to adjust in height, elevation and azimuth + adjustable shutter against glare
  • Including 60mm pedestal with frangible coupling and 2” 11.5 NPS male threat
  • Increased service life time due to advanced thermal design
  • Optimized sealing concept against the intrusion of liquids and dust (IP 67)
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion due to anodization and powder coating
  • Safety Extra Low Voltage compliant (24V Version)
  • Enhanced surge current protection (24V Version)
  • Compliant to ICAO, EASA, German and Swiss standards
  • CE Certified