Swiss Edition Obstructution Light

Swiss Edition

The 2EL Obstruction lights are compact low intensity LED lights, designated to denotate aviation obstacles on elevated structures, compliant with FOCA Guideline AD I-006 D


  • Very compact and esthetic design
  • Flexible mounting concept
  • Optimized light output due to patented optics concept
  • Multiple options:
    • IR Signature for NVG compliance (Flashing)
    • Auto activation in twilight and darkness
    • Failure Monitoring
    • Programming and synchronization of IR flash pattern
    • Teachable of IR flash pattern 20-60 Flash/minute
  • Programming and synchronization of IR flash pattern
  • Maximum resistance against intrusion of liquid, dust and mechanical shocks due to fully sealed optics and electronics
  • 100’000h service lifetime due to optimized electronics and thermal management
  • Enhanced surge current protection
  • Compliant to latest Swiss standard
  • CE Certified
  • Safety Extra Low Voltage compliant
  • Enhanced surge current protection
  • Corrosion resistant anodized Aluminum-Heatsink


Power Supply

2EL-OBS Remote Controller

Trigger Module