Remote Control

BATTCon LoRaWan Obstruction Lights

On the installation of Obstruction Light the cost of of cabeling are in most case higher then the price of the Ligth itself. By usage of remote controlled Obstructuion Ligths you willreduce the costs and get the following benetfits:

  • Almost no cabeling, no control lines needed
  • On Solar Power no cabeling
  • Single Lamp Control and Monitoring

The LoRaWan

LoRaWan is the most advanced Remote Control Technologie at the market. LoRaWan (Long Range Wide Area Network) is designed to transfer few Data over long disatance up to 10 km. The network topologie is setup as a star network. The network can be setup as stand alone network with a Linux Based Industrie PC BATTCon-HMI and a Gateway Remote Station. The protocol is encrypted twice by 128-Bit AES Encryption, which is a very secure Technologie

The LoRaWan provides you the additional the following benetfits:

  • Long Distance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Worldwide Standard
  • Secured by modern Encryption
  • Obstruction Lights can be grouped
  • Monitoring of Batteries voltage or Configuration of Flash period
  • Each Light can be identified by a unique id
  • Solar and Batteries Power are possible

Existing Infrastructures

Country like Swiss, Netherlands and South-Korea have setup a countrywide LoRaWan Network. This Infrastructure could be integrated into the BATTCon System. By Using this Infrastructures Obstruction Lights can be controlled in an Area wich in much large then the radius of 10 km.


2EL-OBS Remote Controller