2EL-OBS Remote Controller

2EL-OBS-PWR-RCTRL-230S-0-M Remote Controlled Power Supply

The 2EL-OBS-PWR-RCTRL-230S-0-M is a power supply for the 2EL-OBS lights with Remote Control Slave and Monitoring. The RF controller bassed on international Industrie Standard LoRaWan.
Multipley Ligths with Remote Controller can be controled by BATTCon-HMI as Group or individual.


  • Very compact and esthetic design
  • Optimized sealing concept against the intrusion of liquids and dust (IP 67)
  • Cage Clamp Connectors
  • CE Certified
  • Just Connect to the mains an run, no control line needed
  • Single Lamp Control and Monitoring
  • Groupable
  • Build in Antenna
  • Wireless Connection up to 5 km Distance
  • Secured by 128 Bit Encryption


  • 16 Hour Backup-Batterie
  • Solarpannel for fully cableless setup
  • GPS Based Flash Trigger